Summit Supply is proud to provide & install manual and touch-free dispensers.  With our one-stop shopping, commitment to inventory, and local warehouse, we make it easy and affordable for you. 

With free delivery and no order minimums, we take great pride in our "no order is too small or too large" approach.  We can deliver to multiple locations, and we strive for a 1-2 day turnaround time.  

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One of the most common and practical questions that we are asked is, "What should we use for handwashing and how can we best keep our restrooms clean and smelling fresh?  Here is the solution-go with our Big 5 Program.  It's simple, affordable and covers virtually all of your needs. 

The Big 5 Program includes the following:

  • Foaming hand soaps enriched with vitamins & moisturizers to ensure rich, creamy lather
  • Waterless hand sanitizer compliments regular soap handwashing and saves time
  • Long-lasting pouch system ensures sealed & sanitary handwashing products
  • Choose between manual and touch-free hand soap dispensers, in a variety of pleasing colors
  • Free wall charts provide safety tips and instructional information in both English and Spanish
  • Expertly installed, labeled & calibrated dispensers
  • Air freshener refills in a variety of fragrances to eliminate odors & provide clean, fresh smell
  • Bathroom Cleaner safe for all bathroom surfaces & dispensed into color-coded spray bottles
  • Long lasting urinal blocks reduce odors for 60 days and provide strong sudsing action

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