We have always been committed to providing you with the most effective and efficient chemical products.  Now you can choose from carefully selected Green Seal Certified chemical and paper products, without sacrificing performance or results.

Our products are independently certified by Green Seal and the United States EPA program known as Design for the Environment, or abbreviated as DfE. Green Seal and DfE are the two leading initiatives that forge cooperative partnerships amongst government, industry, academia and environmental groups. Both allow manufacturers to place their certification labels on commercial products that meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health. We are proud to offer such an extensive line of green products.

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Mixing certain cleaners can cause chemical reactions that lead to the formation of toxic substances.

Mixing cleaners can quickly produce toxic fumes and if you inhale these fumes, it could cause irritation or burning of the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing, difficulty breathing, lung damage, and even death.

You should NEVER drink any cleaning product. Bleach is corrosive and can burn your mouth, esophagus, and stomach. It lowers your blood pressure and if ingested, can kill you. Rubbing alcohol causes dizziness and nausea. It also irritates the respiratory system and alters the functions of your heart. If ingested, it can also kill you.

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Hazard Concerns

Always be careful when you open the cap of cleaning products. It is possible to get the product in your eyes or on your skin.

Additionally, when you apply the product, it is also possible to get the product on your skin. If you spray the product, there is a chance you could inhale mists or vapors. 

Always wash your hands after cleaning, because you could transfer the product from your hands to your eyes or to your mouth.